Mcdonald’s requires wearing a mask in all of its restaurants in the United States

McDonald's impose le port du masque dans tous ses restaurants aux États-Unis

The giant american fast food Mcdonald’s will require all clients coming in to its restaurants in the United States to wear a mask from the 1st of August, thus mimicking several large groups open to the public as Walmart.

While cases of Covid-19 exploding now in some parts of the country, “the latest scientific research suggests that talking to them that remain in the air for a certain time increase the risk of spread of the virus, especially when they come from asymptomatic carriers,” explains the company.

Almost 82% of brands and Mcdonald’s are already located in areas requiring consumers to cover part of the face in public institutions, but the group says it wants to protect ” all ” of its employees and customers.

Mcdonald’s does not specify whether customers will be forced to wear the mask once seated in one of the restaurants currently offering the possibility to eat inside.

Questioned by AFP, the group does not clarify the number of schools that re-opened their tables to the public.

It simply indicates that it will continue, for thirty additional days, not to authorize the re-opening of new rooms.

If the customers refuse to wear a mask, Mcdonald’s has provided procedures to be used ” politely and quickly “.

The imposition of the wearing of masks in public institutions is gaining ground in the United States.

The giants of the distribution Walmart and Kroger require from this week, customers who do their shopping in the thousands of supermarkets they manage to cover the nose and mouth, thus following the examples of Apple or Starbucks.

All major airlines also impose now the mask in their aircraft.

Wearing facial protection is recommended by the u.s. health authorities and the president, Donald Trump himself, after having long been reticent, has called this week, “all the world” to wear a mask when the separation physical was not possible.

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