Me do you hear? and Cardinal welcomed

M’entends-tu? et Cardinal saluées

The end of the spring smiles to two sets of here. The foreign press welcomes Me do you hear ? and to Cardinal.

Relayed by Netflix in 190 countries and 30 languages in over a week, hear Me-you ? harvest of flattering comments in France. The comedy-drama starring Florence Longpré, Eve Landry and Mélissa Bédard delights Tele-Leisure, who speaks of a series of ” cutting “, ” surprising “, ” destabilizing “, “energizing” and ” exciting “. According to the magazine, she speaks with intelligence, humour and sensitivity ” issues such as poverty, addiction, and friendship.

In the United States, TV Guide describes as the offering of Télé-Québec ” series of French-canadian abrasive, but full of hope.” The publication adds that ” Céline Dion is not “.

Me do you hear ? (Can You Hear Me? in English) has also attracted the attention of some media us web specialists, such as The Spool, which welcomed the performance of the actresses.

Despite some reservations after two episodes, Ready Steady Cut gave 3.5 stars (out of 5) on the order paper. Same note on the side of Cinema Express, who applauds his humor.

Me do you hear ? also makes a good impression in English Canada. The Globe and Mail is particularly laudatory. “This series written by Florence Longpré, Pascale Renaud-Hébert and Nicolas Michon is resolutely original and ribald, writes the daily. Attach-you, this is hilarious, disgraceful and awesome. “

Polar delicate

Recently voted Best actress canadian screen Awards in a dramatic series for the Cardinal, Karine Vanasse continues to raise the praise. In England, where BBC Two is broadcasting the fourth season of the thriller policeman, The Guardian believes that the quebec actress delivers a solid performance, but discreet. The daily describes as Cardinal of the drama of survey quality.

Broadcast in France on Canal+, the series also gets the seal of approval from the Parisian. The journal speaks of a ” polar trickier than it looks “. “The central relationship between the characters, played by Billy Campbell and Karine Vanasse, is as fascinating as their investigations “, one can read.

A few dissenting voices are heard. The Telegraph slams Cardinal, giving him only 2 stars (out of 5).

To watch for on Saturday


In December 2002, two paintings worth tens of millions of euros are stolen from the Van Gogh museum of Amsterdam. The thieves were obviously professionals. But as they can’t really sell these paintings on the market, what will they do with it ? The art historian and critic Andrew Graham-Dixon will conduct the investigation.

► 16 h, Planet+


At Sochi 2014 alex Bilodeau has won his duel with Mikael Kingsbury and Canada signed a double by the event of the moguls in freestyle skiing. While he had already won in Vancouver in 2010, Alexandre Bilodeau, 26 years old, becomes the first skier in history to defend his olympic title in the event of bumps.

► 16: 30 p.m., TVA Sports


In this american version of a French film, a teacher of literature (Russell Crowe) will meticulously plan the escape from prison of his wife (Elizabeth Banks), who has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the murder of his boss.

► 20: 51, VAT


In this masterpiece of Stanley Kubrick, you end up in a future fantasy, where reign violence and sex. Alex (Malcolm McDowell), a young thug who leads a gang of depraved, carries a terror-blind. He will agree to serve as a guinea pig for experiments in rehabilitation.

► 21: 10, Cinépop

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