Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford hang their skates

Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford, who have won two world titles and three Olympic medals in pairs, have officially announced that they are ending their competitive skating career.
“Why the minister favors the interests of the Liberal Party to the detriment of all Quebeckers?”, Launched Mr. Jolin-Barrette to Kathleen Weil, head of the Reform of Democratic Institutions in the government of Philippe Couillard.

Like the Parti Québécois and Québec Solidaire, the Coalition avenir Québec has committed to introduce a bill instituting “a compensatory mixed-member proportional voting system” – if it takes power in October.

Each elector would have two votes with this method of voting envisaged for 2022. The first would serve to elect 75 constituency deputies and the second about fifty elected from regional lists formed by the parties.


The government refused to debate a resolution of the Coalition avenir Quà © bec asking that “the National Assembly expresses its wish that a reform of the voting system that includes an element of proportionality be put in place in the first year of the next legislature. ”

Minister Kathleen Weil argues that the current mode provides stable governments and is “simple” to understand and apply. She added that the idea of ​​a proportional vote does not reach consensus among the population.

In the 2014 election, the Quebec Liberal Party won 42% of the vote. He still obtained 70 of the 125 seats in the National Assembly, or 56%.

The distortions inherent in the current system, however, have already played him a bad trick. In 1998, he lost the vote even though he had received nearly 28,000 votes more than the Parti Québécois.

In spite of his votes in less, the party then led by Lucien Bouchard had obtained 28 seats more than him.

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