Measures deemed “excessive”

Des mesures jugées «excessives»

Physiotherapists and acupuncturists refer to as excessive the new protection measures imposed since the reopening of the clinics.

“The measures are essential, it is important, everyone agreed,” establishes from the outset the president of the professional Order of physiotherapy of Quebec, Denis Pelletier. “The only thing is that in some applications of these measures, there are things that are too severe. “

Physiotherapists, like all health care professionals in private, are required, since the reopening of clinics, change of gowns between every patient, and this, even if the professional does not touch the patient with his hands. “It is less appropriate to systematically change of lab coat. We would have liked a little more flexibility. We think that the measures that are being imposed are by the time excessive “, he says.

The requirements which, he says, are not present in a hospital or public clinic.

Cold Zone

To the Order of acupuncturists of Quebec, the president, Annie Dubois, considers that the requirements are ” too intense “. The obligations in the clinic that were open for emergencies only were less severe than before the re-opening complete in June, demonstrates.

“It seems that the clinics are treated as if they were in the area warm or hot, then it is in the area cold,” she says. Each clinic already had an established protocol for the prevention of infections and has been added to the questionnaire on the symptoms of the COVID-19, and contacts with carriers, she notes. “The risk is very minimal, and we claim very intense, and it is difficult to find the equipment. “

“Necessary “

In professionals where proximity is unavoidable, it is estimated that the measures are necessary. The president of Osteopathy Quebec, Bertrand Short-thigh, however, points out that the days are longer because of the disinfection procedures. “We are following the instructions and it we will,” says his side the president of the Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes agréés, Sylvie Bédard.

“All the sanitary measures that are imposed are necessary “, writes the president of the Association des chiropraticiens du Québec, Marie-Hélène Boivin.

On the side of the standards Commission, equity, health and safety in the workplace, which has dictated the standards in question, it was indicated that the change of gowns between every patient is “essential” for the professionals who are working within two metres of people.

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