Media announced break Asmus and Kharlamov

СМИ заявили о разрыве Асмус и Харламова

today, 20:10

Much to the disappointment and bitter regret of a huge army of fans of the famous comedian Garik Kharlamov spicy scene Kristina Asmus in the movie “the Text” still ruined a strong relationship in the family.

Kharlamov has left the family after the “infidelity” Asmus. About it writes the edition Vladtime.

It should be noted that garic tried desperately to save what he had. Comedian fiercely defended the first lady in front ganged up by fans, spoke of his approval and acquitted of “treason” art. Nevertheless, he could not stand the shame, unable to forgive. This is reported by Russian media.

СМИ заявили о разрыве Асмус и Харламова

Kristina Asmus, Instagram

So, a month after the premiere of the picture Kharlamov left the family. Apparently, spouses are unable to maintain normal relations and do not communicate, even for my daughter Nastya. The girl was left to live with mom and Garik gets used to the bachelor life.

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СМИ заявили о разрыве Асмус и Харламова

Kristina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov, EG

Even the premiere of the film “Edward Harsh” confirmed the speculation about the break-up. Garik came without spouses in the film. Asmus even in social networks is not supported humorist. Reason Asmus Kharlamov threw one in a very important day for him, forcing to redden and justify her absence. Apparently, they had a serious quarrel and the wife can’t stand the company of each other. This confirms that Kharlamov couldn’t be any more condescending to relate to the “cheating” wife. Reviewing the scene, he realized that between the drunk Christina and Ivan was a real passion, not a game.

Recall, the wife Kharlamov Asmus became a hot schoolgirl.

As reported Znayu huge hole in the ass of Kristina Asmus won the admiration of fans.

Znayu wrote wife Kharlamov Asmus seduced men with no underwear: “in basic instinct”.

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