Media: Britney Spears planning to flee the scene

The actress is now going through hard times

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СМИ: Бритни Спирс планирует покинуть сцену

Britney Spears was in a mental hospital

American singer Britney Spears, who, according to media reports, were in a mental hospital now intends to finish career of the singer. Insiders say that soon, the star can announce it.

This became known in the production of Straight Shuter posed by a secular columnist Rob Shuter. Insiders from the circle close to Britney Spears claim the singer wants to give up their careers and not to make a great show.

It is noted that this decision took a star because of the illness of her father Jamie Spears. The man underwent two complex operations on the intestines and almost died.

“All that Britney can now do is to get help from doctors. She understands why and is recovering in the hospital. Britney will do everything necessary to recover, and if the concerts will be an obstacle to it, she refuses them,” said the insider.

It is also noted that the relatives of Britney Spears to support her in this decision. “The surrounding is very supportive of her and not think about how much money it will lose. She has more money on books than she can ever spend,” added the insider.

Earlier, we wrote about how Selena Gomez helped Britney Spears. Also Britney Spears showed how salsa dancing to the hit pop star, Shakira.

We now know that Britney Spears is in the hospital “Rehab” in California. There, the artist will stay for one month and then will announce its decision about the fate of his musical career.

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