Media knowledge: issues related to our forests scrutinized in the documentary series “The battle for the forest”

Knowing the media: issues related to our scrutinized forests under the magnifying glass in the documentary series

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The documentary series “The Battle for the Forest” by Savoir media will provide an overview of forest-related issues from Tuesday, February 14 Quebec, at a time when, against a backdrop of climate change, scientists are questioning the development and protection of this important Quebec resource. 

We will be interested in various scientific, economic, environmental, human or social issues in this production. In particular, it will be a question of the old and urban forest, the forest industry, climate change, as well as the protection and the future of the forest on our territory.

The people put in the before defend the forest and seek “innovative solutions towards sustainable development and sound management of Quebec forests”, we underlined in a press release.

“The Université du Québec is very pleased to have collaborated on the series “The Battle for the Forest”, by drawing on the expertise of its Great Network Initiative – Forest, which brings together nearly 100 researchers from the 10 establishments of the network. across Quebec. Through this initiative, the UQ network contributes to sustainable forest management through the development of knowledge and innovative solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change. I am delighted with the contribution of our researchers to this series, which addresses important issues for the future of our forests,” explained the president of the Université du Québec, former minister Alexandre Cloutier.< /p>

Gabrielle Anctil hosts the six half-hours, which are directed by Simon C. Vaillancourt and produced by Savoir media, in collaboration with the University of Quebec and with the financial participation of the Canada Media Fund (CMF) ).

  • The series “The battle for the forest” will be broadcast by Savoir media every Tuesday, at 8 p.m., starting February 14. It can be caught up on the channel's website.