Media: Ryan Gosling will play in the film “Thor: Love and Thunder”

The actor can play the most powerful villain

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СМИ: Райан Гослинг сыграет в фильме "Тор: Любовь и Гром"

Ryan Gosling

As you know, the secret of Waititi returns to the Director’s chair in the next kenogamissi about the God of thunder tore. Actor Chris Hemsworth will also return to the Torah. However, there were some insider details of the upcoming blockbuster.

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It turns out that the fourth movie can play Ryan Gosling. Canadian actor may play one of the villains, namely Magog — a big monster, which is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. He has the strength and durability, far superior to the Torah, is able to manipulate heat, flame or striking force; capable of molecular manipulation, levitation. He is an experienced warrior and swordsman who possesses great intelligence and extensive knowledge of ancient and secret wisdom.

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The last time Magog appeared in the comics when Thor was Jane foster. According to rumors, the film also will be other villains Enchantress and Gorr the killer of the gods. Reported by Just Jared. According to the publication, the film’s Director Taika of Waititi met with the actor to discuss his possible participation in the project.

Recall, American actress Natalie Portman returns to kynoselen Marvel. At the festival of Comic Con, which takes place in San Diego, it became known that the star of Black Swan” will play a female version of Thor.

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СМИ: Райан Гослинг сыграет в фильме "Тор: Любовь и Гром"

СМИ: Райан Гослинг сыграет в фильме "Тор: Любовь и Гром"

СМИ: Райан Гослинг сыграет в фильме "Тор: Любовь и Гром"


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