Media: subordinate Meghan Markle the run from her due to the excessive whims

Insiders say that Megan Markle can lift a slave in the night

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СМИ: подчиненные Меган Маркл бегут от нее из-за чрезмерных прихотей

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Fans of the Royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle looking forward to the glad tidings of the birth of their first child, although the couple decided not to publicize such information. It is clear that the world’s media are closely watching the pregnant Duchess of Sussex. Perhaps, Megan something over break or gets in a scandal.

СМИ: подчиненные Меган Маркл бегут от нее из-за чрезмерных прихотей

Pregnant Megan Markle

At this time, insiders from Buckingham Palace told journalists at Radar Online, Meghan Markle during pregnancy all the more naughty. Therefore, her subordinates do not stand up to the Royal whims of the Duchess of Sussex.

Recently a personal pilot who worked for a long time with the Royal family, decided to resign. And the thing that the man could not stand the daily orders from the Dukes of Sussex, who turned it into a kind of courier. The members of the Royal family did not take into account the time and could cause the pilot even in the middle of the night.

According to insiders, Prince Harry always asked the pilot to deliver his pregnant wife eating. Therefore, the work of men turned into “hour food delivery”.

“This clearly shows that people don’t have long to work with Megan. She constantly have additional requirements, many of them outraged. A professional pilot is treated as a courier, and not as a master of his craft,” said the insider.

Earlier, the Duchess of Sussex, said that does not need the services of the Royal of obstetricians, accusing them of “men in suits”. Thus, insulting the Royal doctors. Also Meghan Markle rude Australian actor and comedian.

Watch the video that Meghan Markle accused of profligacy:

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