Media: the star of “spider-Man” suspect in the new novel

Fans of the actor even learned the girl’s name

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СМИ: звезду "Человека-паука" заподозрили в новом романе

Tom Holland

Hollywood actor Tom Holland, who became the new rising star of kynoselen Marvel and admitted, like a scene from “the Avengers” he likes the most, recently got into the lens paparazzi.

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23-year-old star of “spider-Man” found in the society of the young stranger. According to the publication TMZ, Tom Holland swapped Mary Jane for Gwen Stacy. The fact that recently the actor was caught in London’s Hyde Park with a stranger public blonde.

Journalists and fans have noticed that the pair were dressed in clothing of similar style and color, and the neck and Tom, and his alleged lady were paired pendants in the form of a keyhole and key. In addition, both looked relaxed, happy and a little drunk.

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Fans managed to find out that her name was Olivia Bolton and she’s an old friend of the family of the Hollands, and perhaps even cousin Tom. Bind their romantic relationship or not – is unknown, because Holland does not comment on this.

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СМИ: звезду "Человека-паука" заподозрили в новом романе

СМИ: звезду "Человека-паука" заподозрили в новом романе

СМИ: звезду "Человека-паука" заподозрили в новом романе


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