Meditation orgasmic

La m├ęditation orgasmique

If the idea of wearing a particular attention to the clitoris you are interested in, this column may be for you. Contrary to what one might believe, meditation, orgasmic, OM for the intimate, is not intended to, nor a sexual practice or a practice-oriented on the performance or even the attainment of a goal. It is rather a question of the care of the sensations that the body provides through the taps and a touch and close accompanied throughout the time of intimacy and communication.

Point of contact

The official meetings are conducted under the professional hands, at least in some parts of the globe. Meditation the orgasmic practice that is said to be non-sexual, therefore, is to let go of ” taking on the goal of giving or taking pleasure. As in meditation, one observes its breathing, its sensations, and as soon as thoughts appear, it tries to return to the sensations, ” explains the coach, meditation orgasmic Emmanuelle Duchesne. She also states that the practice should be done with latex gloves and lube. The clitoris, the point of contact, is the channel through which pass the feelings. They are then diffused in the rest of the body.

Inspired by mindfulness meditation, meditation orgasmic offers the possibility to the person to welcome the sensations, so loving and without judgment (or the sake of performance). The practice is done with two people. Specific steps are to establish the framework of the practice, and since the protocol is always the same, this allows for replicability. For 15 minutes, one of the two people stimulates the clitoris of the other, for no other purpose than to give the person who receives the opportunity to be attentive to all bodily sensations and of the genital area that her body has to offer him : always without value judgment. But it doesn’t stop at welcoming all the sensations. In fact, it is to share, with words, what is felt. According to the promoters of the practice, Nicole Daedone, OM (orgasmie meditative) allows not only a better awareness of the sensations, but it also facilitates the learning of the pleasure, and better communication with the other. The clitoris being the point of contact.

What happens during a session ?

Sort of a ritual, this moment is both a moment of pause and a time to relax with slowness and benevolence. This is why the protocol of practice indicates that it is necessary to create a kind of bubble for ” OMer “, as say the followers. Most often, the sessions take place in the presence of a coach (at least in the United States). A person who attends to properly prepare the place where the other will “open” his body to the sensations. A rug on the floor, a cushion under the hips and clothed (at least the upper body), the experiment can begin. Neither seduction nor the sexual arousal must not be expected. Top chrono, it’s gone ! 13 minutes of caresses and the last two, slower and more long, are sufficient to complete the 15-minute session.

1. Would you like Omer ?

2. Preparation of the nest

3. Position

4. “I’m going to touch your thighs” and… description of his sex, in a neutral way

5. Gloves and lubricant

6. “I’m going to touch your sex “

7. 13 minutes of fondling, and then the last 2, more slow, more long

8. Sharing sensations

Always stripped of eroticism, touch progress, millimeter by millimeter, guided constantly by the person who receives it. In the end, the person offering the hugs can apply pressure using the palm of his hand on sex for “stop” tumescence : the sensations stopped and the debriefing can start. This is the exchange, based on speaking and listening. Inspired.e.s ?

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