Meeting in Quebec city on allegations of touching of Jacques Chagnon

Réunion à Québec sur les allégations d’attouchements de Jacques Chagnon

On the fifth wheel for the past two weeks, the president of the national Assembly François Paradis has convened an extraordinary meeting to examine the aftermath of allegations of inappropriate sexual touching against her predecessor, Jacques Chagnon.

Three sources confirmed that an invitation was sent Thursday to all members of the Office of the national Assembly (BAN), the equivalent of the board of directors of the institution. The meeting is scheduled for next week.

The convocation did not explicitly mention the situation of Mr. Chagnon, according to our sources. But this meeting, which was not planned, the aim is to determine the action to be taken to the allegations made against her.

In an interview to a media belgian published recently, the ex-president of the walloon Parliament Émily Hoyos stated that Mr. Chagnon had put the hand to the posterior, in 2011, when she was received at the national Assembly.

Mr. Chagnon, who has been president of the institution and liberal mp until 2018, has denied the allegations.


So far, the national Assembly asserted that it was impossible to investigate the allegations of Ms. Hoyos, who has expressed the desire to turn the page on this alleged incident.

But the successive interventions of the Parti québécois and the Quebec liberal Party, the former training of Mr. Chagnon, have been mounting pressure on Mr. Paradise.

At the end of the week, the chief whip of the parliamentary wing of the liberal, Nicole Ménard, he was writing to ask him to act. According to the liberals, the BAN has “all the powers and the latitude to” do the light in this folder.

The 3rd vice-president of the national Assembly, Maryse Gaudreault has argued that the policy to fight harassment of the institution does not cover the parliamentary foreign and that no formal complaint of Ms. Hoyos has been received.

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