Meeting of the emergency committee of the WHO for assessing the pandemic

Réunion du comité d'urgence de l'OMS pour évaluer la pandémie

GENEVA | Six months after you have declared a global emergency, the emergency Committee of the world Health Organization (WHO) meets on Friday for the 4th time in order to reassess the pandemic COVID-19, which continues to grow at an alarming rate in the world.

Composed of twenty members and advisors, the Committee may make new recommendations or amend certain, even if there is little doubt that the international emergency will be maintained, while the pandemic has affected more than 17 million people and killed more than 660, 000 deaths.

When the WHO issued the global alert on 30 January, “there were fewer than 100 cases out of China, and not of the dead” outside of this country where appeared the pandemic, recalled in the beginning of the week the director general of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, defending the balance sheet of the institution.

The WHO has been roundly criticised for having been slow to enact this state of emergency, so that the coronavirus had been reported for the first time at the end of December in China. The United States, which have accused the organisation of being a “puppet” in the hands of China, or even of having been “bought” by Beijing, officially started in July their removal from the institution.

The WHO has also been criticised for recommendations that are considered late or contradictory, particularly on the wearing of the mask, or the modes of transmission of the virus.

“Our organization responded immediately, we mobilized all our forces to act and inform”, has hammered the technical responsible of the management cell of the pandemic, Maria Van Kerkhove, during a press conference Thursday evening.

At his side, Dr. Michael Ryan, head of the emergency situations has, however, admitted he was “surprised” by the “slowness” of reaction of some countries to health systems considered to be sound.

“We may be prejudice to the effectiveness of these systems”, he said.

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