Meeting with Catherine Deneuve because I Grew up in a large family, and became an actress by chance

A conversation with French actress was held in the theatre of musical Comedy in the 10-th Odessa film festival

Vladimir Grisyuk

20 Jul, 17:53

Встреча с Катрин Денев: Выросла в многодетной семье, а актрисой стала случайно

Catherine Deneuve

Legendary French actress Catherine Deneuve during the 10-th OIFF, the strategic partner of the TV channel “Ukraine” held a creative meeting in Odessa theater of musical Comedy. In addition, the star talked about their values, Hobbies, attitude to work, work and life.

– As Catherine Deneuve spends his weekdays?

– I meet with friends, go to cinema, theater, walks in Paris. Sometimes even go shopping to the market. Also read Newspapers. Love working in the garden – grown vegetables. I now liking Ukrainian tomatoes. Even going to take with me to Paris tomato seeds to grow them at home.

Watch the video from the press briefing with Catherine Deneuve in Odessa

– How do you follow in life?

– In the first place – curiosity, interest in all things. It is very often determined my choice.

– Who would you become, if not an actress?

– To be honest, in the profession I got by chance. During summer vacations my sister, who is also an actress, asked me to audition for a film in which she starred. So I went for the company. So it all started. Then I met with Director Jacques demy. He asked me to play a major role in the film “the umbrellas of Cherbourg”. This role was for me decisive.

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Is it true that you had a very religious education?

Yes, I to 11 class went to a religious Catholic school.

– You played in the film by Jaco van Dormas “the Newest Testament” (2015). In the center of the story ─ a religious story about how God mocks people. How close is it?

– This concept does not suit me, but what I did, I found it interesting and fun. The worst thing in the film, when people tell you the day and hour when they will die. All just desperate, because it reveals one of the biggest mysteries of life.

Встреча с Катрин Денев: Выросла в многодетной семье, а актрисой стала случайно

The French actress arrived in Odessa on July 19

– You as-that admitted that they themselves asked to play a role in the film by Lars von Trier.

– Yes, I wrote him a letter after seeing the pictures of “Breaking the waves”. Said that if it is ever to make a film in France, I would be very happy to work with him.

You could call five of their best movies?

– No, I have a different attitude towards the paintings in which I starred. Some movies for me personally meant a lot, but they had no commercial success. In General, to make some ratings – it’s not in my nature.

– What do you pay attention when you are offered a role in the film?

– The plot, of course. And if the story I like, I can even agree on the role of the second plan.

– What is success?

Is that possible to determine after the fact when you did something. And, unfortunately, this plays a huge role luck (chance) and the only thing you can do is to trust your inner sense and taste. In addition, you must be very persistent.

Встреча с Катрин Денев: Выросла в многодетной семье, а актрисой стала случайно

75-year-old Catherine Deneuve was sold out in the Odessa theater of musical Comedy

– Your mother played in the theater. She taught you something professionally?

– Probably nothing. My mom worked in the theater when I was still very young, but then she had children – four daughters and she left the profession. Those are I little connected with the profession of the actor. We were ordinary large family – nothing special.

– Describe Odessa in three words.

– Light, joy and beauty. I came here yesterday, managed to walk around the city. I can say that just impressed the local nature – you have a huge number of trees. It’s perfect!

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