“Mégantic”: a series that can “do good for the population”

“Mégantic”: a series that can “do good for ; the population” /></p>
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<p><strong>During the first five seconds of the trailer for the </strong><strong><em>Mégantic</em></strong><strong> series, we see a glass of water vibrating in close-up. It is not a purely artistic choice, it is a signal agreed with the Méganticois. Upon seeing it, they can choose not to watch the sequel.</strong></p>
<p>This is called an image buffer. This code was established in recent months by the producers with the local CIUSS to prevent citizens from being confronted against their will, during the broadcast of the trailer and television advertisements, with images of the disaster which killed 47 people in 2013.</p>
<p>This is one of the many measures taken to prepare the people of Lac-Mégantic for the arrival of the series on Club illico.</p >
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Photo Monic Richard Denis Dubois
Vice President of Original Content at Quebecor Content

“We don't just do entertainment. There is a responsibility that comes with this project,” says Denis Dubois, Vice-President of Original Content at Quebecor Content.

850 people

Thus , Monday, 850 Méganticois will be able to see the first episode of the series for the first time during two public screenings which will be held at the Polyvalente Montignac in the presence of stakeholders from the health sector and social workers.

The trailer, for its part, was made available to the Lac-Mégantic local cell a month before its unveiling in order to counter the surprise effect. A survey was also conducted to determine if the population wanted the filming to take place in their city, and meetings have been taking place since November, every two weeks, with the town hall, the CIUSS and the CLSC.

< p>Based on the comments of the few people who have seen the series, Denis Dubois believes that Mégantic “will do good to the population”.

The images from the Mégantic series could disturb citizens of the city which was hit by a disastrous train derailment in 2013. Several measures have been put forward to prepare the population.

“I don't want to generalize, but it's a series that can help some people. There is a benevolence that has been there since the beginning and it is quite moving. »

Doing useful work

The wounds are nevertheless still raw. Several Méganticois have denounced the series and will refuse to watch it.

Why does such a drama need a work of fiction so as not to sink into oblivion? Why Mégantic, and not the deluge of Saguenay or Saint-Jean-Vianney?

“In this case, answers Mr. Dubois, it is an accident that could have been avoided. With the series, we can do useful work and help move things forward – we still talk about the bypass – so that a tragedy like this never happens again. »

The Mégantic series will be available on Club illico starting February 9.