Meghan Markle broke Royal Protocol by sharing a view on abortion

Меган Маркл нарушила королевский протокол, поделившись мнением об абортах

The first official visit of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle as a married couple took place in Ireland. On it informs edition of Cosmopolitan.

Its beginning was slightly marred by the fact that during one of the receptions Meghan Markle spoke to quite a heated topic, what do the members of the Royal family is not desirable.

To be precise, Megan shared her opinion on the referendum on abortion held in Ireland in may. Until now, abortion in Ireland is prohibited, and, under the eighth amendment to the Constitution article 40.3.3., adopted in 1983, the mother and the rights of the unborn child are equal. Now abortion can only be done in case of threat to the mother’s life. But at the may referendum almost 70% of citizens voted for the abolition of the amendment.

Although officially to Express an opinion on controversial topics is not prohibited, Queen Elizabeth II does not approve such steps, since after them, there will always be those who are unhappy with a particular position of the Royal family (which deprives it of the support of the society).

“Megan and discussed the referendum. She watched him with interest and was pleased with the results”, — wrote after the meeting with the Duchess the Irish Senator Catherine noone on Twitter.

Some time later she published a second tweet, where he wrote that Megan “was satisfied in the sense that she was interested, not political.” A little later the nun and all was removed both entries.

Меган Маркл нарушила королевский протокол, поделившись мнением об абортах

As previously reported “FACTS”, a successful marriage Meghan Markle has generated among the young ladies of the new trend: a beauty of marriageable age looking for a tool like a “normal” girl to turn into a “Princess”. So far, the case ends with experimenting with makeup.

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