Meghan Markle of new actress ? She would have signed with Disney

Meghan Markle de nouveau actrice ? Elle aurait signé avec Disney

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Meghan Markle of new actress ? She would have signed with Disney

Hardly had she announced that she and Prince Harry are withdrawing from their role within the English royal family, that Meghan Markle would have returned to work. And not only that : the mother of Archie would be a new actress in Hollywood. In fact, the duchess of Sussex have signed a contract with Disney to put his voice on a project that is still unknown.

Meghan Markle would have lent his voice to Disney

Forced to leave the series Suits, since his royal wedding with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle would have every intention to return to her profession of actress. The duchess of Sussex would have already given them a foot in Hollywood, signing a contract with Disney, according to The Times. The newspaper said that she would lend her voice on a project, without specifying if it is an animated film that will come out to the movies or an animated series which will be aired on Disney+.

This would explain in part why Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have renounced their role within the british royal family. The couple explained on their account Instagram wanting to lead a more normal life and “work to become financially independent”. A decision never before seen that énerverait much the queen Elizabeth II and is nicknamed Meghxit (in reference to the Brexit) in the media in the uk.

A project for the good cause

The mother of Archie would have even already recorded his voice for the Disney studios, and before that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announce to want to stand on their own feet financially-speaking. She would even put her voice on this project before the Christmas holidays with the family in Canada.

In addition to get back to work, resuming her career as an actress, the sister-in-law Kate Middleton would have made an agreement with the company of Mickey. Which one ? Ask for a financial donation to Disney for the foundation Elephants Without Borders (Elephants without borders in French). Based in Botswana, this association is for the protection of elephants, especially against poaching.

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