Meghan Markle pregnant : Serena Williams she revealed the sex of the baby by mistake ?

Meghan Markle enceinte : Serena Williams a-t-elle dévoilé le sexe du bébé par erreur ?

Meghan Markle pregnant : Serena Williams she revealed the sex of the baby by mistake ?

Very soon, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will welcome their first child. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not want to reveal to the public the gender of their future baby and, according to rumors, they don’t even know if the ex-actress is pregnant with a girl or a boy. Yet Serena Williams, who is one of the close friends of Meghan Markle, would be unveiled by mistake this info during a recent interview.

Less than a year after their fabulous wedding, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are ready to expand the royal family of England with a new Royal Baby. After George, Charlotte and Louis, the three children of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton, so it’s a brand new baby who panics at this time the British. While the paris fly off at the approach of the birth of the baby, a close friend of the former star of Suits would say a little too much…

Meghan Markle pregnant with a girl ?

And if Meghan Markle was pregnant of a little girl ? This is the whisper from a recent interview with Serena Williams. The tenniswoman and friend of the Duchess of Sussex has recently dropped a phrase that says it all. Citing a “friend” currently pregnant, but as yet it has not named Serena Williams explained : “My girlfriend is pregnant. And she said to me : ‘My child is going to do this’ and I said to him : ‘No, she will not do that. No you do not have it‘” she blurted. Even if it has not appointed Meghan Markle, many british media are in panic after the use of this “it” which would suggest that it is a little girl who could enlarge the royal family. Then, speaking really of the Duchess of Sussex ? It does take more to wait very long before you know it.


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