Mehdi Bousaidan falls back on its feet

Mehdi Bousaidan retombe sur ses pattes

The comedian and actor Mehdi Bousaidan will offer its first show post-containment in front of an audience of cars. The Festival at the wheel, or FAUV for close friends, will be his playground this Saturday.

For Mehdi Bousaidan, the invitation of the Festival FAUV him the effect of a rainbow materialized. After the storm comes the good weather.

“Honestly, I had the idea that I would probably not play before 2021.”

“I don’t know too much about how the reaction will be. It’s going to be stuff like ‘by klaxonnement, is that there are a couple in the parking lot?’ and I really want to have fun in the animation. I want to find a way to generate interactions with cars.”

The comic born in Algiers is not the kind to ignore the world around him. In fact, his jokes are anchored in precisely the opposite approach. If it raises awareness in its audiences of international issues with his show Tomorrow, the material that he étrennera at the Festival FAUV belongs to a yesterday not so long ago.

It was to be expected: the pandemic of COVID-19 has rubbed off on his pen.

“This would be to miss out on something that you do not talk about it. This would be a bit of a hypocrite. It tells of the news as a comedian.”

“I think that people also want to win and spend a little of something else… The important thing, it’s going to be to find an angle interesting and new, not to be redundant.”

Make a difference

Mehdi Bousaidan carbide to risk-taking. Like Deschamps, his artistic proposal goes beyond the laughter, the joke easy. His lines to him underlying a strong message and celebrate diversity.

The movement #BlackLivesMatter has penetrated necessarily even in his sketches of the time. The Festival FAUV, Mehdi will refer to this other big events that forge our.

“Already, in my shows, I like to highlight the cross-cultural conflicts because they exist, unfortunately. It is important to emphasize.

“I’ve been less present on social media it because I didn’t see the utility of putting a black square or a text and steal it. I try to do something more concrete.”

“Every year I go to Haiti to provide training of writing and improvisation to young people. I have been in Côte d’ivoire, Cameroon and Senegal. I’m also with the haitian communities in Montreal-Nord, Cartierville, in disadvantaged neighborhoods.”

Regardless of the platform and the scene where he was invited, Mehdi will continue to go to the front lines and venturing into areas that other dodge.

“I find it really stimulating. What are these topics that I drivent when I write a number. I make it a point to talk about in my shows. It should not be taboo subjects, or set aside. Every citizen must contribute to resolve these problems and my way of doing it is with jokes.”

Mehdi Bousaidan will host the gala on 4 July at the Festival FAUV.

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As the ciné-parc

The first edition of the Festival FAUV begins this Friday, July 3, and will be held in the parking lot of YUL for three consecutive weekends.

The airport Pierre-Elliot-Trudeau is the theatre of this event out of the ordinary, specially designed to adhere to the rules of social distancing.

These are the guys Sportera, promoters of sports events at the base, hiding behind the mask of FAUV. Their weapons the most well-known up here was MUDGIRL, an obstacle course set up for ladies.

Jean-Sébastien Boudreault are organizing this series of shows alongside founders of the company, the brothers Gary and Kevin Pillu. Trained as a lawyer, Boudreault has made his teeth in Pride MTL for many years before embarking on this crazy adventure of festival fashion drive-in.

“We want to revive the culture alive. A lot of people have fallen into the digital, into the streaming. After a pandemic such as this one, we said that this would be really fun to have a show live and give back to a scene to the artists.”

Galas in English and reviews of drag queen are in addition to the offer truly flourishing of the Festival FAUV. The radius of humour, The Great Flood, Neev, Eddy King, Yannick de Martino, Mario Jean, Cathy Gauthier and Adib Alkhalidey will also be of the party.

Other towns of la Belle Province will be visited by the Festival FAUV. Drummondville, Saint-Hyacinthe and Quebec will have the right to their own edition in the course of the summer.

“We will be the first festival here to go on tour!” adds the organiser, as proud as a lion (or a beast) and good law.

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