Meladze first showed adults pretty little girls that say dzhanabaeva

Меладзе впервые показал взрослых красавиц-дочек, что скажет Джанабаева

today, 16:28

The famous composer Konstantin Meladze, the husband of Vera Brezhneva, which is now frequently performs in Russia, shared with followers on Instagram in an unusual post. Celebrity put the cover of a popular glossy HELLO! Russia, where the main characters were his brother Valery Meladze and his three daughters: Inga, Sonia, and Arina. It is worth noting that this is the first photo shoot of a man with his children, because in the past, his reckless actions led to a huge scandal. Male more than 10 years was cheating on his wife Irina, twisting whirlwind romance with the ex-soloist of the BAND “Gra” Albina Dzhanabaeva, which have already appeared sons of Constantine and Onions.

“As Valery Meladze and his three daughters traveled to Moscow metro 💫 Heroes of the new issue of HELLO!, which will be released tomorrow, February 10, steel, Valery Meladze and his daughter 29-year-old Inga, 20-year-old Sonia and 17-year-old Arina🥰, “- said on the official page of the publication. Followers not passed: “Girls painfully photoshopped. I can not understand where the elder and younger where, No offense, but are ordinary-looking girls.”, “The daughter is at her mother like”, “Why are so attachafile, they are drawn like”, “what a journey people 😂”, “In sons when a photo op?😂🤷🏻♀️👍🏻😹😹”.

Меладзе впервые показал взрослых красавиц-дочек, что скажет Джанабаева

Меладзе впервые показал взрослых красавиц-дочек, что скажет Джанабаева

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Vera Brezhnev shared in Instagram joint shot with the 18-year-old daughter Sonia.

Also a celebrity showed a picture together with Justin Bieber and his girl Hailey Baldwin.

And the artist sat on the edge of the balcony in a skirt with leopard print and admitted that is in harmony with itself.

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