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Member of the famous British band went blind in both eyes prior to the tour

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Мелани Браун из Spice Girls теряет зрение - СМИ

Melanie brown of the Spice Girls went blind before the tour

Member of cult pop group the Spice Girls Melanie brown before the big tour of the UK ended up in the hospital. The star is almost completely lost vision, writes edition the Sun.

Sources claim that after laser eye surgery Melanie B. had to treat the left eye, which stopped to see. After some time, this year, the singer appealed to the London clinic because she was having problems with his right eye.

“Mel was very ill. The remaining members of the band and the managers are very worried about her. She was screaming she was blind,” says the insider.

Doctors to restore the sight of Melanie brown, but the cause of vision loss officially know nothing. Currently, the star is feeling better and is preparing for the upcoming tour of “peppercorns”.

Recall that in 2018, the Spice Girls announced a reunion. This summer, Jerry Horner, Mel C, Mel b and Emma bunton will play concerts in Britain. The team will be joined by Victoria Beckham.

Earlier the participant of Spice Girls has admitted a sexual relationship with a bandmate.

Watch a video about the new version of the Spice Girls:

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