Mélanie Georgiades (Diam’s) has a new project, and this is not in the music

Mélanie Georgiades (Diam's) a un nouveau projet, et ce n'est pas dans la musique

Mélanie Georgiades (Diam’s) has a new project, and this is not in the music

The one that was known as Diam’s has a brand new project. And no, it is not a question of his return to the music. Mélanie Georgiades, his real name not come back with a rap album, she turned to a whole other universe : the design.

Diam’s unveils new project

In march 2019, Diam’s, was assigned on the judgment of his musical career. For Mélanie Georgiades of his real name, the time of The Pellet, Young Lady , or Confessions night is over. The former rapper has unveiled a new project, and it is far from being related to music. It is a project about the design. The artist has even opened an account in Instagram called @home_by_mel to post images of interior decoration, and of houses with very different styles.

That which is known under the name of Diam’s said that on this account, she wants to “share her love of design and architecture as well as its own projects”. Volmar Manual, a designer installed in Marrakech, also tagged @home_by_mel in a story Insta. A video in which he unveiled apartments on a software design with the inscription “Work in progress”. Mélanie Georgiades will she become the future designer trend, such as Sophie Ferjani, or Sarah Lavoine ?

A new life away from the music

While the former rap star has not given more details on this new design project, she already had other projects outside of the song. Such as its brand of stationery called Mel by Mel or the Big Up Project, which she created to help children orphaned in Africa.

But especially, since its withdrawal from the music, Mélanie Georgiades focuses completely on his family life. The mother of two children, Maryam and Abraham, she enjoys spending time with her little girls and her husband Faouzi Tarkhani. A quiet life away from the media coverage and France, she left to go and live in Saudi Arabia.

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