Mélanie Joly visiting Kenya

Mélanie Joly visiting Kenya


Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly landed in Kenya on Saturday evening to provide information on Canada's response to the ongoing conflict in Sudan. 

According to The Canadian Press, she went there to meet people who evacuated the East African country, including diplomats who worked there until the escalation of violence that we have been able to see in recent weeks.

In addition to humanitarian organizations, Ms. Joly must hold a meeting with the former Prime Minister of Sudan, Abdalla Hamdock. The latter was removed from his post following a coup in Sudan in 2021.

“Kenya has acted as a true leader among African countries since the beginning of the conflict in mid-April – responding to the humanitarian needs generated by the conflict in Sudan and helping to lead efforts towards a peaceful conclusion,” the minister’s office said by email on Saturday.

The Canadian Embassy in Sudan, located in Khartoum, was temporarily relocated to Nairobi, Kenya, during the outbreak of violence.

Mélanie Joly will also have to meet with certain heads of state of Kenya during his visit, in particular the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defence.