Melovin named the winner of the national selection

Melovin назвал потенциального победителя Нацотбора

Ukrainian artist, who last year represented our country at the international song contest “Eurovision” talked about their favorites

The singer Melovin have named their favorites of national selection for song contest “Eurovision-2019”. 21-year-old actor admitted that this year will be sick Maruv. He said this after the speech as a guest star in the first semifinal on Saturday.

“Let’s see how Kazka will be performing live in the next semifinal. But all the other Maruv distinguished by the fact that she went on stage, she was already a star. And it’s very noticeable, it is impossible to discard. So she goes out to the public, and I understand that in principle, I do not look at the participant and held for the artist who came and gave all the heat. Although the release of the song I didn’t understand how Maruv can fit you in “Eurovision”. Now I see that it could be a cool collaboration, atypical for the scene. As I recall, a similar contest was not yet, – told reporters backstage at the coast (real name of the singer).

Also Melovin have identified a group of “Caso”, which in the first semi-final unexpectedly gained a great support of spectators, but the final is not out.

Recall that this Saturday will be the second semi-final of national selection-2019, which will feature the following performers:

1. Ivan Navi

2. Anna Maria

3. Kazka

4. CGA Mazur

5. Laud

6. Khayat

7. Braii

8. Freedom jazz

It should be noted that by results of vote of jury members and spectators to the finals have already passed Maruv, Brunettes Shoot Blondes, and Yuko,

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