MELOVIN, Robbie Williams and other stars spoke about the customs service

MELOVIN courting guards autographs, and Gaitan were not allowed to own father

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June 25 – Day of customs service of Ukraine. The journalists of the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” on TV channel “Ukraine” has learned from the Ukrainian stars, what kind of relationship they had with the guards. It turned out, MELOVIN can anyone give advice, but Gaitana has a great offense to the representatives of the customs service.

Who would have thought that our guards are real fans of the show-business. Indeed, on the border favorite artists, they meet much more often than you see on TV. So in our stars interesting stories galore.

Singer ALEKSEEV often performs abroad and knows first hand what a stress when the morning concert in one country, and in the evening – in another.

MELOVIN, Гайтана и другие звезды высказались о таможенной службе


“I remember once I was really late for the concert, stood on the third border. People saw that I was very upset and telling me, “Well, leave these forms on the way back, all complete,” – said ALEKSEEV on the air “the Wound W with Ukraine”.

Vitaly Kozlovsky also only pleasant memories of the guards.

“I am very grateful to the guards for the fact that often when they see me in airports, can jump the queue somewhere to hold. It is a great honour for me”, – said Vitaly Kozlovsky.

But not everyone is so lucky. Singer Robbie Williams once went on a rather stern customs officers.

MELOVIN, Гайтана и другие звезды высказались о таможенной службе


“The guards are very harsh! Horror as I am afraid of them! As-that came later in the Congo and I was not allowed on the plane – I was flying to dad and cried! I begged to let me through, saying that my father meets. But no: “You are on time…”, – says Gaitana in the broadcast channel “Ukraine”.

It’s just Gaitana did not know the most effective way of crossing the border, which is the singer MELOVIN.

“Parents brought me a piano across the border. Dad explained to them who I am and to whom they carry the tool. On the border with Poland even asked for autographs – dad gave them, he already had me signed postcards. So there us not much touched,” shared MELOVIN in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”.

MELOVIN, Гайтана и другие звезды высказались о таможенной службе


But are the stars really uncomfortable situation. Socialite Svetlana Volnova first did not recognize at the border, and then another, and was accused of this crime.

“I just made myself boteks and a very happy and joyful went to the customs. It was in another country. I say: “It’s not your photos. Here is a woman who looks older and you younger. You probably stole someone else’s passport.” I say no, it’s me! Check out the fingers – Yes, this is my document. Therefore, such a compliment made me at customs,” – said Svetlana Volnova.

Group Rumbero”s also a frequent guest on the border. Musicians know, even in full camouflage.

“The most important and best of all, when you come to Ukraine and border guards say, “Welcome home.” This is so cool! And you realize that you love and expect. So, thanks to all the guards who always love us and support!” says Amador Lopez, member of the group Rumbero’s.

Although the crossing of our stars often have force majeure and delays, they still genuinely love and respect the profession.

“My dear guards, I have you all said hi! Is people special exposure, the particular sense of humor, and it’s a real brave Ukrainians who exactly are the patriots not in words but in deeds!” – congratulated border guards Olga Cybulski in the air “the Wound W with Ukraine”.

MELOVIN, Гайтана и другие звезды высказались о таможенной службе

Olga Cybulski

We will remind, it became known, who came to the wedding of Alina Grosu singer Vitaly Kozlovsky.

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