MELOVIN spoke about his biggest fear at Eurovision

MELOVIN рассказал о своем самом большом страхе на «Евровидении»

The representative of Ukraine at the international song contest “Eurovision” (which was won by the singer from Israel Netta Barzilai) for the first time after returning home he met with reporters. MELOVIN told about their feelings, worries and fears, but also announced a solo concert in Kiev on 2 June. Fans of the 20-year-old singer, knowing that his favorite treat is bananas, and presented him with a bag of these fruits. It is noteworthy that the conference and the competition, MELOVIN communicate exclusively in Ukrainian.

— Share your impressions of the competition?

We worked and blew. During the contest all participants were focused on rehearsals. Before the show they spent 15, 30 minutes each. Only gave us the longest rehearsal among all participants — 40 minutes, as the room was technically difficult.

Actually, I was really scared. Worried that the decorations where I was in the beginning of the song will not open. What will light the fire when I go step by step, and I get burns, I’ll be like a baked potato. Such terrible pictures painted in my head… But during the speech live was collected and confident. They say that when a performer is confidence, that is star fever. Well, let them say. It helps me self-confidence on stage.

For me “the Eurovision” has passed — like the movie “Groundhog Day”. We woke up this morning, went for Breakfast. Every day was located in the same places, ate the same food. Rehearsals were held on a fixed schedule, every day at the same time. They squeezed all the juices. Felt like a held a solo concert. But it was a very cool practice. After the scene of “Eurovision” I have nothing to fear.

Arena, where the competition is huge. But filled with spectators, she still grows, fills with the sounds. It’s an incredible feeling, when off stage, and the audience is still singing your song. The Europeans gave me a warm welcome.

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— With whom of the participants were able to make friends?

— I have enough friends in the team. Don’t even know how they put up with me. Don’t like the first to make contact. We warmly communicated with the representative of France, loved her song, all the while humming it. Glad that the Ukrainian national jury gave 12 points to her. We talked with the Bulgarians, with the Israelite the Net, Alexander Rybak (Norway), Nikita Alexeyev.

— Are you satisfied with your performance? And how you react to the jury, put you in last place?

— All I’m happy. We gave 100 percent, didn’t filoni and did everything as planned. Director of rooms Constantin Tomilchenko literally circled at rehearsals. We managed to do it.

When analyzing the results of other participants, noted that Sweden has assessed exactly the opposite: the audience has put in the last place, and the jury picked up on a leadership position. Estimates for me are now strange. The first rehearsal is one of the most respected and important people of “Eurovision”, said that Ukraine has brought an incredible show. And then — last place… Looks like a boycott of some kind.

But that’s my opinion. I always look at the audience reaction. Because none of the jury members that I really respect, do not come to my concerts. In Addition To Jean Paul Gaultier. When I approached him to do photos, famous designer called the performance incredible, praised the song, asking about the eye and the nuances of the numbers. That is for me the victory.

However, after the fight with his fists do not wave. For Netty to win the competition was more important than me. And the glory of God.

the singer at the airport.

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