MELOVIN submitted a passionate video for the song “Ti”

In the new movie starring the Queen of Ukraine Yana Laurinaityte

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July 21, 12:05

MELOVIN представил страстный клип на песню "Ти"

MELOVIN submitted a passionate video for the song “Ti”

Popular Ukrainian singer MELOVIN, who plans to sing a duet with MARUV, presented his new video. On Saturday, July 20, the premiere of the video Melovin for the song “Ti”. A new video appeared on the official channel MELOVIN on Youtube and has gained over 17 thousand views.

Look, how was the video shoot MELOVIN – Ti:

Fiery clip starring himself Melvin and the winner of the contest “Queen of Ukraine 2018” Jan Laurinaityte. The Director of “Ti” was made by Taras Golubkov, who worked on the video for the song Under The Ladder, which Melvin performed at the Eurovision song contest.

The shooting of the video “Ti” took place in Kiev. On joint work with Jana Laurinaityte Melovin previously said in an interview.

“We worked gorgeous – smart, beautiful, and a talented actress! For me it was the worst shooting hot and stuffy to such a degree that my head was spinning. In the frame I was 20 hours, but because with each passing hour it became harder and harder. But just support Yana helped keep me in hand, for which she thanks a lot” – shared the singer.

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