Melovin told how he became a part of the group “Antibodies” to help each other and not be jealous

Melovin рассказал, как стал частью группы "Антитела": помогать друг другу, а не завидовать


Famous Ukrainian singer who won the National selection and became the participant of “Eurovision” in 2018, Konstantin Bocharov, better known as Melovin, and which is still called the Ukrainian Dracula, often shares with fans the news of his life in the social network Instagram. So, this time the artist has pleased followers with a new video, which announced their performances with a group of “Antibody”.

As it turned out, the frontman of “Antibody” Taras Poplar invited Kostya Bocharova become one of the star guests stadium tour called Hello. They kept the suspense and finally told the fans about a special guest at his concerts. The corresponding statement appeared on the official pages of groups in social networks. Also this video posted in his Instagram Melovin. In the caption to the video he said that he agreed, without hesitation, to be the star guest of this tour.

“Offer group “Antibodies” of cooperation was unexpected for me, but I, without thinking twice, agreed. In absentia I’ve been acquainted with Taras, followed the work of his team and happy with their achievements. The guys are very honest music, it is captivating. Heard flattering remarks in my address, it significantly supported me when I represented Ukraine at “Eurovision”. From the tour I expect as many musicians in our country will unite and help each other and not be jealous and lead some games against each other. We @antytila_official will become an example for others, coming up onstage,” wrote Peter.

Melovin рассказал, как стал частью группы "Антитела": помогать друг другу, а не завидовать

Taras Poplar and Melovin

In turn, Taras Poplar, commented on the choice Bones Bocharova: “Why MELOVIN? Because he is independent, bright and undeniably talented actor with his character in music and style. We have a lot in common. So don’t be late to the stadiums, and hear this extraordinary artist perform live”.

Recall Melovin posted a number of photos of the unusual photo shoot where he appeared in an interesting way.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Melovin sold their most expensive mascot.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Melovin has become an octopus in the sequel to the famous cartoon.


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