“Melted lungs”: the husband of the singer Valeria Prigogine was in intensive care

"Плавились легкие": муж певицы Валерии Пригожин попал в реанимацию

Valeria and Joseph Prigozhin, Vladim

today, 19:07

Famous producer and husband of singer Valerie Joseph Prigogine, recently remembered about how he was sick with swine flu.

House to recover him failed, so he was in intensive care.

“It was a disaster, I was lying in ICU, my lungs were melting,” – says Prigogine.

From the moment people believe that it is impossible to protect themselves from all ills in this world. Well, if only to sit at home and not go out.

Joseph Prigogine also did not stay aside and commented on the situation with the worldwide epidemic of coronavirus. He criticized all those who put on quite a show with the deadly virus. The producer is shocked that many stars of the perceive this subject, especially the wearing of masks, as a trend, doing this “concert”. For example, recently a colleague of Prigogine – producer Yana Rudkovskaya, decorated with flowers a mask and wore it to a fashion event. The star explained that it’s really a method to protect yourself from disease and not just an extravagant accessory.

by the way, is not the only such outlet in the world is Yana with a mask on his face.

But Joseph Prigogine it seems like a mockery of a terrible worldwide epidemic.

“It’s like a feast during the plague. To wear a patch – it’s like walking anywhere with a condom! We all go out to restaurants, movies, shopping, eating and drinking in public places, ” – says Prigogine.

Joseph is of the opinion that the mask should be worn to sick people not to spread the infection.

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