Member of Parliament for the 4th constituency of Hérault, Sébastien Rome is ready to go back “into combat”

Member of Parliament for the 4th constituency of Hérault, Sébastien Rome is ready to go back “into combat”

Le député Sébastien Rome est favorable à une Union Populaire. GIACOMO ITALIANO – GIACOMO ITALIANO

Following the European elections which saw the RN achieve a historic score, the outgoing deputy (LFI) for the 4th constituency of Hérault considers his candidacy legitimate and that a Popular Union is inevitable.

Sunday evening, President Macron announced a dissolution of the National Assembly with, as a result, new legislative elections. Are you already planning ?

Projection means going into battle. The residents of the 4th district – and this’is true for all of France – have a simple and clear choice: do they prefer a racist France or a republican France which has held the thread since the Revolution, the Third Republic, the Popular Front, the National Council of the Resistance, 1981… Do we want to continue pulling this thread or fall into a France which will necessarily give free rein to base instincts?

We are starting to talk about a Popular Union of the Left: what is your position on this subject?

For me, it’s inevitable. It was proposed for Europeans. We had proposed the head of the lists to the Greens; the PS had said that they would join us if the Greens came. What was true for European women is still true. I have always worked with everyone.

The situation has changed with this dissolution, it moves the lines…

Yes and I'm trying to get them to move, they have to move.

Have you been able to discuss this subject with political figures ?

Yes, since last night, I have spoken with the mayors of the district. It's still a little early but I think there is an awareness that if we don't stop the wave (RN) now, next time, it will be the Department, the Region , cities that will fall. The time to stop the wave is now, it’s not in 2027, it’s not in 2028. It’s now.

At the investiture level, do you already have guarantees or is there a debate ?

We are not there yet but I think that the outgoing deputies are legitimate to return. And I believe I have largely done the job. When we look at the result in Lodève, the Lodévois who know me well know that they can trust me. That is why we did double that of Glucksmann in Lodève. They know me, they know that I work, for everyone, and that I am on the ground. I haven't left the field since the day I was elected.

Time is running out, we have to submit our candidacies by Friday…

Yes, besides, the deadline is very short, I don't know constitutionally what it's worth, but we're going to be efficient. I'm in conquering mode, that's it. ;rsquo;it is now, in this election, that we stop the RN.

Do you think that these new elections could constitute an opportunity for the left ?

Yes, if we want to obtain the social conquests that we wanted, such as the major mobilizations on pensions, if we want to cancel the pension reforms, that is; Now is the time to mobilize. If we want to stop what is being done against the unemployed, now is the time to do it, the bulletin will be used for that.

This dissolution is a key moment ?

Yes, this is a historic moment. And, as at the time of the Popular Front: "where danger grows, that which saves grows”. The danger is strong, imminent. What must save must be as strong and imminent.

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