Member of S Club 7: Hannah Spearritt and her children are left homeless

S Club 7 member: Hannah Spearritt and her children find themselves homeless< /p> UPDATE DAY

Star Hannah Spearritt of British pop group S Club 7 and her family found themselves homeless over the holidays after being kicked out of their apartment by the landlord.

“Our landlord needed cash and the property sold so quickly. We ended up with less than two days to leave. We didn't have time to find another place,” she told the “Sun.”

Her husband, Adam Thomas, and his two daughters had to move into an office space , which belongs to a friend, waiting to find a new home. 

For the past six months, Hannah Spearritt says she has lived in four different homes: she still has no accommodation . 

“People think we are millionaires, but we have nowhere to go,” she testifies. 

The pop group S Club 7 was formed in 1998.