Memorial days 2019: customs and what not to do

Learn about the major traditions and customs of memorial or parent days

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Поминальные дни 2019: обычаи и что нельзя делать

The day of rejoicing in 2019 is celebrated on 7 may

Radonitsa, grabke, farewell, funeral, or parent days – so in the Orthodox calendar is called special date, when the faithful remembered the dead. Radonitsa in 2019 falls on Tuesday, 7 may. The day you need to go to the cemetery to celebrate the Resurrection of deceased relatives, to share with them the joy that Christ is risen, and death and evil was defeated.

“Today,” write about traditions, customs and superstitions of the Radonitsa 2019, and about what you can and cannot do in a memorial or parent days 2019.

Why is the day of rejoicing: the history of the holiday

According to the testimony of St. John Chrysostom, the holiday Radonitsa celebrated in the Christian cemetery in antiquity. The name itself caught from the Slavic pagan spring festival with prayers for the dead, called Navier’s day, Graves Radvanichi or Chrisname. Etymologically, the word “Radonitsa” goes back to the words “kind” and “joy”, and a special place of Radonitsa in the annual cycle of Church holidays – after Bright Easter week – as it requires Christians not to delve into the feelings about the death of loved ones, but rather rejoice at their birth to another life.

Memorial days 2019: major customs

On the eve of Saturday the Orthodox Christians go to Church – it is Friday evening and Saturday morning in the churches to read the great memorial dedicated to the commemoration of the dead. According to tradition, people are little notes with the names of deceased loved ones and pray for the repose of their souls.

Поминальные дни 2019: обычаи и что нельзя делать

May 7 – memorial day

Traditionally, the window in the house on this day is left open, so that the spirit of the deceased relative could easily get a home and bring relatives.

What is Holy in the Church on the day of rejoicing 2019

Believers often ask questions that bear upon the day of rejoicing in the Church that you need to take to the cemetery, what to do in a cemetery? Since the time of Great lent, after Easter is over, the Church can bring almost any food and drinks except alcohol. Also, do not bring meat and products based on it. The food is usually just given to those in need.

Probki 2019: what not to do

  • To clean the graves and paint the fence at the cemetery, and to this day, just to bring flowers, to pray, to put in Church a candle for the repose.
  • You can not engage in heavy physical work, to dig a kitchen garden. According to legends, all planted in the garden this afternoon, it will be bad to sprout and grow.
  • On the day of Radonitsa and throughout the funeral week it is impossible to call dead dead. It is believed that they now hear everything, so it’s better to say “relatives”, “close”.
  • It is prohibited to drink and smoke at the cemetery. This day can not also cursing, swearing.
  • Nothing to carry into the house from the cemetery. If you find in the yard a wreath or flowers from the cemetery, the ground or scattered salt, we need to sweep away to the nearest intersection.
  • It is believed that young children and pregnant women, it is better not to go to the cemetery. Better instead to go to the temple.

We will remind, on April 27 at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre will be a Holy fire in Jerusalem, 2019. Also, we were told where to go for Easter in April 2019.

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