Memories from past lives helped the British to defeat depression

Воспоминания из прошлых жизней помогли британке одолеть депрессию

The woman was helped by regression therapy.

57-year-old Joanne from the English city of Cheshire was suffering from depression since early childhood, reports the with reference on Paranormal news.

In 1985, the doctor gave the girl the diagnosis “clinical depression”.

“I was depressed from birth, despite the truly amazing childhood. I traveled around the world as the daughter of a diplomat, but always remained a sad and self-absorbed – said Joanne. – Even good things, seemed heavy, so I was unhappy for no reason. The depression intensified when bad things happen, and never disappeared, even if everything in life was good.”

Joanne’s life changed in 2017, when the woman tried regressive therapy. The expert from London Nicholas Hauula had a session via Skype. A few hours Joanne remembered two of reincarnation.

The Crimean war

In the first memory Joanne saw myself as a soldier in the Crimean war in the 1850s. The troops broke, and he survived. During the battle the man fell from his horse and was under animal. The enemy has decided that all are dead.

Surrounded by dead bodies, the warrior felt a sadness, a huge sense of guilt and emptiness in the heart. He thought he was going to die and didn’t deserve life. With the shame of the soldiers decided not to return home, not to meet up with family, and most importantly, father senior army officer.

Before the war, this man lived a normal life, married, raised children. When the war started, went to the front out of a sense of duty to the Fatherland.

Instead of returning home to his family, the soldier spent his remaining years isolated from everyone, in a cabin in the hills near the battlefield. The man lived like a hermit, no one spoke and felt dead to society. Thought that doesn’t deserve to live.

The maid of the Lord

In the second flashback, she saw herself as a maid at a rich Lord’s in 1900-ies. She worked hard, had freedom and rights of expression. The girl felt trapped, with no way out.

One fateful day she was raped by three men. It destroyed her inner peace, she felt so humiliated. Pregnancy was a constant reminder of what happened, and the child died in childbirth.

After all that happened, the girl has not coped with emotions, her soul, like, numb. The maid fell into despair and set himself on fire. Due to the burns she could not work, and the Lord sent her to a psychiatric hospital. The unfortunate was tied to the bed by the arms and legs, leaving one without food, love and care.

Воспоминания из прошлых жизней помогли британке одолеть депрессию

Memories of reincarnation have changed the attitude to life

“If you don’t have depression, you do not understand what it’s like to Wake up every morning with irritation from thinking that you’re still here, says Joanne. But the memories took me out of the comfort zone”.

“After the session feel different than ever: it has become less shy and more outgoing, no longer feel the need to be invisible… and on Sunny days up with joy, and in the cold stay in bed and keep warm… I started to monitor the weight because I want to be better. More believe in yourself.”

“I refused the antidepressants. In the morning after a session woke up with ease, which had never felt before. It was great to feel so light and happy, said Joanne Femail. Now I don’t need anymore pills, I became more sociable and look with hope to the future.”

“I never thought that my problem is related to the past life. These memories were incredibly real. I dragged my old Luggage, which is now released… Regression therapy changed my Outlook on life. How would that happen forty years ago, then I would have been happy.”

Воспоминания из прошлых жизней помогли британке одолеть депрессию

How does regression therapy?

During the session, the person under hypnosis recalls past lives. Nicholas Hauula explains that after death the human soul migrates into a new life relics of the past.

“In each case of depression patients remember unresolved grief, sadness and guilt from past lives, he says. – Re-experience helps to immediately remove the depression.”

Nicolas remembered past lives at the age of 17 in the state of trance. The guy realized that we all lived before this life, and when I remember the experiences, are exempt from the restrictions of the past.

In the II century BC, the Hindu scholar Patanjali wrote about karma from past lives that brings each soul. To solve these problems, it is necessary to recall past lives.

Clinical psychologists and psychiatrists do not recognize the regressive therapy. They believe that hypnosis can cause false memories.

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