Memories of François Chénier

The memories of Fran & ccedil; ois Ch & eacute; nier

MISE & Agrave; JOUR

Star of a whole generation thanks to its presence in Radio-Enfer , François Chénier, 51 years old, can today 'hui playing daddy on the small screen, as he does for comedy Do not enter ! The time has come to dive, with him, into his TV memories.

François, what youth programs have marked you? & nbsp;

Les Oraliens and Les 100 tours de Centour . In the second, I went crazy when I saw Ghyslain Tremblay playing a young boy at his age; I thought he was excellent and I thought he was lucky enough to play someone other than him. And that dictated the way for me, like a motor. I wanted to play at being someone else. And the Furotte in Les Oraliens remains the scariest character in TV history.

Did you watch TV a lot when you were young? & nbsp;

No, not so much. Color television entered the house only in 1984 with us. It was not a priority for my parents. However, when I was a teenager, I watched a lot of music videos on English Canadian channels, because we never had cable. So sometimes I would record a movie and watch it 30 times. I know some of them by heart …

Is there a character who influenced you? & nbsp;

All characters from the youth program La Fricassée and, subsequently, Pop Citrouille . I must have seen two or three episodes of La Fricassee , but it was so exploding, it marked me! & nbsp;

What universe would you like to introduce to the children? & nbsp;

Carl “The Cat” Charest

I was lucky to participate in Radio-Enfer . A period of production on youth TV where there was a little more freedom, less didactics … Radio-Enfer and In a galaxy near you are shows that enjoyed great creative freedom, which sometimes resulted in memorable episodes that have spanned 25-30 years since airing.

What do you think of youth TV? today? & nbsp;

There is something for everyone, but youth TV is my favorite medium. I just finished the second season of Do not Enter! , a children's series, and I am rediscovering the happiness of my early twenties when I was a teenager, but now I play daddy. Authors must work with requirements that did not exist …

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