Men dug incredible treasure worth five million hryvnias

The discovery has been called a treasure of Hambleden after the village, where they found the coins

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Мужчины откопали невероятный клад стоимостью пять миллионов гривен

In the United Kingdom found an incredible treasure

In the UK four treasure hunt found 557 ancient coins worth 150 thousand pounds (5.2 million UAH). This was reported by British newspaper the Sun.
Andrew winter,Tobias Novak and his brother Mateus was walking with a metal detector near the English village Hambleden, in Buckinghamshire, where he organized a special festival for lovers of treasure hunting. After an hour of fruitless search they were ready to give up, when suddenly the device showed that under the ground is something silver. Friends started digging and found a mountain of coins made in the XIV century, during the reign of Edward II.A little later they were joined by Dariusz Fialkowski, another participant of the festival. On the first day of the four managed to find 285 silver and gold coins, after three days, they became 557. According to the rules of the event, four of the coins are already considered a treasure, and participants should inform the organizers.According to the British, when the news about their amazing finds spread throughout the festival, they began to worry about the safety of the treasure and decided to watch the nights, to protect him.The discovery has been called a treasure of Hambleden after the village, where they found the coins. The proceeds from the sale of the treasure will be shared with the landowner.

Earlier, we wrote how the Berdyansk animal rights activist Valentina mom found a vintage treasure, digging a hole to bury the deceased under the wheels of the car cat.

In addition, we reported the Builder of the Romanian village, Bemidji, which found 95 thousand Euro in the old closet. A few days after the purchase, the man noticed inside a metal box filled with denominations of 500 euros.

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