Mende Volley Lozère loses against Martigues and remains stuck in eighth place

Mende Volley Lozère loses against Martigues and remains stuck in eighth place

Un bloc qui caractérise la bataille qui a eu lieu pendant deux heures. – Ugo Breysse Photographie

Après plus de deux heures de match, le MVL s’est incliné au tie-break (25-23 ; 23-25 ; 22-25 ; 25-19 ; 10-15).

During the first leg, Mende Volley Lozère (MVL) won 3 sets to 2. This Saturday, February 24, 2024, for this return match, counting for the 20th day of Men's League B (LBM) , the Martégaux took their revenge on this same score. "We suffered the match except for the fourth set. We lacked aggression and cohesion at the end of the set, admitted at the end of the match Ali Kerboua, the assistant coach of MVL.

Mende showed up with an absent Silva and a diminished Robinho, while Martigues was in full force. The two teams observed each other in a very tactical first set. In this little game, the difference was made on service errors, eight for the Provençaux against five for the Lozériens. The MVL quickly took a four-point lead, which it kept for a long time, before François brought his team closer to two points, then to 24-23. Robinho did not tremble on the last point (25-23).

The ex-Mendois Imperial Kolokilagi

The second set was the opposite of the first. Martigues took the lead with Kolokilagi, his point which is gaining strength. A good series at the service of Lucas Salles and the MVL came back to 16-15. The public was then treated to three magnificent rallies with grandiose defenses, the liberos Ragondet and Cheung particularly standing out. After a block from Néraudau on François, Mende Volley Lozère believed in it (22-23) but Kolokilagi concluded,  25-23.

In the third set, it was ex-Mendois Kolokilagi who made the difference in attack. The pointy was almost never blocked or defended. He allowed his team to create a nice gap, 16-12. It was again he who concluded from three meters, 25-22.

The Mendois were offended. Robinho, Leray and Larrieu alternated attacks and feints. Néraudau rightly insisted on his excellent centrals Faustino and Salles. The MVL played a big set, ahead at 8-4, they were never worried, 16-12 and 25-19.

Give everything for the play-offs

Once again the outcome was going to be a tie-break. With the exception of the first point, a block from Faustino on François, the Provençaux were in front of the entire set 8-6, 13-9. ex-central Mendois Mocanu who scored the last point, 15-10. His friend Kolokilagi was logically elected MVP.

If the two teams maintain their position, Martigues 7th with 28 points, and Mende 8th with 26 points, the MVL sees Reims return, 9th with 25 points. The Champenois have indeed won in Nancy. For Robinho's teammates, qualifying for the play-offs will not be easy, with a trip to Royan and the reception of Saint-Quentin. 

The match sheet

At the Piencourt gymnasium, Mende lost against Martigues, 3 sets to 2 (25-23; 23-25; 22-25; 25-19; 10-15) .

Martigues: Ragondet (lib), Stroukarevits (8), François (19), Attié (cap.)(10), Mocanu ( 14), Kolokilagi (25), Diverchy (2) then Poda (1) Roulleau (1) and Mouezy.
coach: Christophe Charroux

Mende: Néraudau (9), Faustinau (15), Salles (17), Cheung (lib.), Paixao ( 18), Leray (9), Martins (4) then Larrieu (12) and Socrier.
Coach: Jason Haldane

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