Mennel (The Voice) to return 2 years after the controversy : “I regret nothing”

Mennel (The Voice) is back on the bad buzz 2 years ago on the plateau of Balance for your post

In 2018, Mennel had left the season 7 of The Voice on TF1 as a result of tweets judged controversies that had created a huge negative buzz. Invited in Balance for your post this Thursday, march 5, 2020 on C8, the former candidate has re-shown on tv to explain himself and depend on his new life.

“I’m learning to live with”

In the season 7 of The Voice on TF1, Mennel had interpreted the tube Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen during blind auditions. The candidate had made to return the four coaches of the show, hosted by Nikos Aliagas (who were Florent Pagny, Zazie, Mika and Pascal Obispo). But at the time, several tweeters had not appreciated that she wears a turban and, especially, had pointed to comments considered controversial that she had posted on Twitter.

Because of the scandal that had taken a lot of magnitude on the social networks, Mennel had left The Voice. Two years after the bad buzz, the singer is back on the case on the plateau of Balance for your post, this Thursday, march 5, 2020 on C8. “I regret nothing” she said to Cyril Hanouna and his team : “I take things as they come and I learn to live with…”.

Mennel left France to “calm down”

The ex-candidate of The Voice 7 has since married and lives far away from France with her husband. A new life for Mennel explained. “I had an opportunity to go to France for a little while, and it brought me a sense of serenity”. “The trip is my escape, I love to travel, it inspires me in my artistic creation. (…) This is not a question of country, it is a question of inner peace, and I tried to me calm” she stated.

Mennel also added : “I just want to be myself, to present what I know to do, and that is all. If we love, it follows, if you don’t like, there is no”. It intends to release new songs soon.

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