Mental : a season 2 is possible ?

Mental : une saison 2 est-elle possible ?

Mental : a season 2 is possible ?

Mind is THE new series of France tv slash not to be missed ! The show on the psychological problems of the teenagers is rather well received, but its growing success will it be enough for he inherits a season 2 ? It is surely too early to answer the question. The director of the fiction digital of France Télévisions gives us when even a few tracks.

There’s something for all tastes on the France tv slash. If you’re sort of horror, you’ll dig Dark Stories. If you prefer things a little futuristic, there are Zérostérone, and if you’re more of a teen show with facts of important societal, Skam France is for you. It was another series to advise you. Which ? Mind.

A season 2 for Mental ?

The story ? Used to the guards on sight, Marvin, age 17, is found in the clinical pédopsychiatrique of Primroses, following a decision of justice. A decision that he was hard to understand. Not feeling at his place, he takes revenge on the health care team and the other boarders.

Marvin then meets Melody, Simon and Estelle, patients, and thanks to them, they are going to calm down and have another vision of psychic disorders among adolescents. Between humour and tenderness, the creation of Marine Maugrain-Legagneur and Victor Lockwood discusses precisely with the themes of disease and of the friendship : that’s part of the reason why you will fall for Mind.

If you have already started and if you like it, you hope to surely be a season 2. As a result, Constantine Vidal, Lauréna Thellier, Louis Peres, and Alicia Hava is it possible ? “Why not. We are not closed to the idea. We will see how it works“, explains the director of the fiction digital of France Télévisions, Sened Dhab, to Puremédias. The future of the series depends, therefore, largely up to you.

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