Mental health care demanded

Reclaimed mental health care

and Camille Payant MISE & Agrave; DAY

On the eve of an announcement that could ruin holiday plans, experts implore the government to provide psychological help for a population already worn out by nearly two years of pandemic.

“& nbsp; The latest news has generated a lot of frustration, collapse among the population. People get it like a brick, especially after a [holiday] hope. It gives the impression that as soon as we collectively get our heads out of the water, a new wave sends us back to the bottom “, comments Christine Grou, president of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec. & Nbsp;

The rise of the Omicron variant and hospitalizations has forced the government to rectify the situation a few times in recent weeks, in order to prioritize the health system.

“& nbsp; We all know that this happening in Europe gets here in 6 to 8 weeks. [Our leaders] created false expectations, they were not in their business & nbsp; “sighs Kim Lavoie, professor in the psychology department at the University of Quebec in Montreal, not mince words.

Frustration and depression & nbsp;

Except that after nearly two years of pandemic, collective shortness of breath and fatigue are increased tenfold, so that some experts anticipate strong reactions – from frustration to depression – if the measures tighten even a few days before Christmas. & nbsp; & nbsp;

“If ultimately we come to a containment, we really have to put in place a psychological support present. It is not enough to say in government announcements “I know that people are tired” & nbsp; ”, insists Geneviève Beaulieu-Pelletier, psychologist and associate professor at UQAM. & Nbsp;

In his opinion, measures that limit contact with relatives should only be applied as a last resort. & Nbsp;

But if we were to achieve confinement, it is essential to promote access to mental health care. & nbsp;

“In the meantime, we must not let people down. It is a very long time before you have access to support. There are some that will be seen in a year and a half. We will have lived through three [more] waves by then. It doesn't work & nbsp; “, she laments.

” & nbsp; The consulting rooms of psychologists are overflowing. I've never seen it & nbsp; “, adds Ms. Grou. & Nbsp;

The problem is that the psychological health field is understaffed to meet the needs, continues Kim Lavoie. And this issue is heightened during the holiday season, she concludes. & Nbsp;

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