Mention the date and the time of the bloody SUPERLINE

Названы дата и время кровавого суперлуния

2019 will be filled with rare cosmic phenomena

A huge red moon, earthlings will see in 2019, over three continents, reports the with reference to Aspects.

Astronomers warn that 2019 will be filled with rare cosmic phenomena, and will delight fans and connoisseurs of no less than 2018. The first amazing event will be a night of bloody SUPERLINE, when the Moon will be much bigger and will turn a bright Burgundy color. Astronomers through a series of calculations determined the exact date of the event – 21 January 2019 at 8: 15 am GMT this is an extremely rare phenomenon to see the residents of North America, Africa and Europe.

A supermoon occurs when a match full moon or new moon with the moment of closest approach of the moon and the Earth while our planet is between the satellite and the Sun. The most vivid shade of red when the supermoon is created due to the fact that a heavenly body is in the shadow of the planet, and only a portion of the light passing through the Earth’s atmosphere falls on the surface is the most active, the red rays. It is believed that the full moon or new moon special effect on each person, and therefore should be in the day to avoid possible unpleasant situations, and tune only on the positive. Astrologers advise at the time of supertunia make a wish, and send it into the Universe – it is always true.

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