Mercedes suffered a setback with the development of new engine for season of Formula 1, 2019

У Mercedes зазнали невдачі з розробкою нового двигуна для сезону Формули-1 2019 року

The expected performance boost from the power unit did not happen

The head of the team Mercedes Toto Wolff claims that plans to introduce the new engine in 2019, failed, because the mechanics failed to achieve expected performance.

The German manufacturer next year, will compete for sixth straight title in both offsets of the world championship Formula-1, but will face more pressure from Ferrari and Red Bull.

In response to the assumption that the opponents have made a bigger step forward than expected, in terms of power, Toto Wolff admitted that Mercedes has recently set more ambitious targets for the progress that the minders had to reach in the winter.

But according to him, the expected performance gain of the new concept unit has not occurred.

During a speech at a recent conference for the team’s sponsor Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Wolff spoke about the progress with the car 2019: “I changed the rules – usually from that, the clamping force should decrease, but, according to rumors from the paddock, many have managed to somewhat compensate for it.”

“There is a huge race development, if we talk about the search for downforce and reduce drag. And of course, the engine is a very important part of it,” he added.

“So we set a really ambitious goal. In fact, we decided on new goals six weeks ago, because we’ve heard certain rumors from the opponent side, how they’re doing okay. Therefore, we have set an even more difficult task – to show the absolute time . We are still on the way to it,” concluded wolf.

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