Mercy Botino (Miss France 2020) couple : his father gives details about her boyfriend

Clémence Botino (Miss France 2020) en couple : son père donne des détails sur son petit ami

Mercy Botino (Miss France 2020) couple : her father reveals details about her boyfriend

Miss France 2020 is in a relationship, she had herself confessed. But Clemency Botino had given no information on her boyfriend. His father, Olivier, on the other hand has delivered some details on the boyfriend of his daughter. It has in particular stated that this is a moment that they are in this relationship.

Mercy Botino as a couple : his beloved was there the night of the election

On Saturday 14 December 2019, live on TF1, Mercy Botino was elected Miss France in 2020. When she had been asked by Paris Match about his private life, the beauty queen confessed that “no”, it is not a heart to take. Happy couple, the young woman had not yet given any detail on his small friend. But his father, Olivier, in an interview with France-Sunday, has released some information on the boyfriend of his daughter.

“Mercy has a boyfriend who came to support during the election,” revealed the father of Mercy Botino. The companion of Miss France by 2020 was therefore present at the Dome of Marseille during the ceremony hosted by Jean-Pierre Foucault. “Like her, he is a student in metropolis,” he also added, without, however, stated in which stream he studies.

“It has been quite some time that they are together”

The father of Mercy Botino has also pointed out that “it has been quite some time that they are together”. Even if it is not known whether their romance lasts for 6 months, 1 year or more, so it seems to be a serious relationship. “I don’t want to say too much about the couple. I prefer to preserve” was then entrusted to Olivier Botino. “But that’s part of the balance of Mercy” he explained, “and I think that we can’t win this kind of election if it does not, in itself, a general equilibrium”.

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