Mercy Botino (Miss France 2020) : his mother didn’t want her to participate in the contest

Clémence Botino (Miss France 2020) : sa mère ne voulait pas qu'elle participe au concours

Mercy Botino (Miss France 2020) : his mother didn’t want her to participate in the contest

Since his election, Mercy Botino must face the racism and criticism of internet users who preferred to Lou Ruat, Miss Provence. But Miss France 2020 keeps the head high and the smile. Her mother, Katia was entrusted to be proud of her, even if she did not approve of her participation in the contest at the beginning. Very symbiotic with the queen of beauty, she revealed that there were often tensions between mother and daughter.

“I have never seen her as a beauty queen”

Our new Miss France, Clemence Botino, begins his reign complicated (because of the racist attacks) by making the media tour. The one that was elected on Saturday 14 December 2019 on TF1 even visited Disneyland Paris with Sylvie Tellier. And the mother of Miss France 2020, Katia, is also expressed in the press. She told Gala that she did not”often said” her daughter “she was beautiful”. “This is my child and I have never seen her as a queen of beauty,” she explained.

“But I understood that it was a no-brainer for her and that she was not going to give up” then said the one who works as an archivist in a college. “Now, I have the impression that all the planets were aligned for his victory” has even added the mother of Mercy Botino. Very close to the one that has been championed by Lou Ruat facing criticism since his coronation, Katia said : “We have a relationship very symbiotic, and it is often in the head”. A very strong link, therefore, which can often lead to tensions, mother-daughter.

Mercy Botino says that her mother “has taken a long time to accept”

The beautiful Miss Guadeloupe 2019, the successor to Vaimalama Chaves with his coronation has also spoken to the same media. Mercy Botino has revealed that her mother was not a fan that his daughter participates in the contest Miss France 2020 : “It has taken a long time to accept, as my father was immediately behind me”.

And if Katia was reluctant to the election, it is because she feared the criticism on her child. “We are very close and she was afraid of the criticism that I do not control at all. She said to me : ‘How are you going to do if you lose !'” told the French that will represent our country for one year.

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