Mercy Botino (Miss France 2020) in couple or single ? His answer without detour

Clémence Botino (Miss France 2020) en couple ou célibataire ? Sa réponse sans détour

Mercy Botino in couple or single ? His response

Our Miss France 2020 is it couple or single ? Mercy Botino, formerly Miss Guadeloupe, was elected on Saturday 14 December 2019 live on TF1. And before his coronation, she had revealed her relationship status. So here is the answer !

Mercy Botino (Miss France 2020) has confessed to be in a couple

This Saturday, December 14, 2019 from the Dome of Marseille, live on TF1, Mercy Botino was elected Miss France in 2020. What users are asking a lot since his coronation, that is if the beauty queen is couple or single. When she was Miss Guadeloupe 2019, the beautiful was given to the response to Paris Match. The media had asked him if it was a heart to take, what the winner of the contest had replied : “No, but I’m willing to take one of the French”. Miss France 2020 is, therefore, as a couple, she is not single.

During the questions users asked during the election, Mercy Botino had once again referred to his private life. The one that had the best score on the test of general culture had said at the microphone stretched out by Jean-Pierre Foucault : “I consider (…) that our privacy belongs to us, hence the term ‘private’. We are in an era where we must learn to live with the social networks, but also learn how to use it with delicacy, without too much abuse. Precisely, when I became Miss Guadeloupe, I agreed to share a part of my life, my life to Miss, but I keep my personal life, my family, my loved ones, for me”.

His parents have a different opinion

If Leniency Botino had thus proved to be in a couple, her parents think that she is going to have to put his romantic relationship in parentheses during her reign of Miss France 2020. His father Olivier has told Gala : “For a year, our daughter is going to have obligations, will be publicized. It seems, therefore, realistic that she is single, she will have enough things to do like that”. An idea shared by his mother Katia. “I don’t see either how it could in addition manage a romantic relationship” she confessed.

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