Mercy Botino (Miss France 2020) victim of racism

Clémence Botino (Miss France 2020) victime de racisme

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Miss France 2020 : Clémence Botino (Miss Guadeloupe) victim of racism

Since her election as Miss France 2020, Leniency Botino (Miss Guadeloupe) is a victim of racist insults on social networks. While it is not the first Miss to undergo this kind of criticism, old Miss, as Vaimalama Chaves and Corinne Coman (Miss Guadeloupe 2002 and Miss France 2003) protested.

Since her election as Miss France 2020 last December 14, Leniency Botino (Miss Guadeloupe) receives many criticisms. And for good reason, the viewers would have preferred to see Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais or Miss Provence, who came 1st runner up, to win the crown and the scarf. Especially as Clemency Botino was not the favorite of the jury. But if some have simply expressed their incomprehension or anger vis-à-vis the system of the election, others are directly taken to Mercy Botino.

Mercy Botino victim of racist insults

While some have attacked her physical appearance, others had sent him racist insults. Some have even compared it to “a monkey”. A behavior that is unacceptable to Vaimalama Chaves, who came to the defense of his successor, recalling that “France is also plural as the number of ethnic groups that comprise it. France is multicultural in the colors of the rainbow. Respect is essential, let us be together”. First runner-up, Lou Ruat also took his defense : “It bothers me that hard as there are against it. It is not necessary, it is a pity. These criticisms are unjustified”.

The former Miss France revolt

Especially as this is unfortunately not the first time that a Miss is a victim of racism : Flora Coquerel (Miss France 2014) and Alicia Aylies (Miss France 2017) have also had to overcome that kind of criticism, just as Corinne Coman (Miss Guadeloupe 2002 and Miss France 2003). This last pushed a rant to France Info overseas : “It is an unheard-of violence, it is undeniable”, before you notice : “After that, it is not a new phenomenon because it does not touch the Miss, but also the artists, the politicians.” Sad state of affairs. Remember that such comments are liable to a penalty of up to one year in prison and 45,000 euros fine.

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