Mercy Botino (Miss France 2020) was not the favourite of the jury

Clémence Botino (Miss France 2020) n'était pas la préférée du jury

Mercy Botino elected Miss France 2020 : the jury preferred to Lou Ruat (Miss Provence)

This Saturday 14 December 2019 on TF1, it is Clemency Botino, who was elected Miss France in 2020. Miss Guadeloupe 2019 as the winner of the crown and the scarf thanks to the votes of viewers. On the other hand, the jury preferred to Lou Ruat (Miss Provence 2019). The current winner of the contest there was as to her in the 8th position of their ranking.

The jury preferred to Lou Ruat to Leniency Botino

The jury of Miss France by 2020 was chaired by Amandine Henry, captain of the France team female football, and is composed of singers Vitaa and Slimane, host Denis Brogniart, actress Laetitia Milot, the former Miss France Mareva Galanter and pastry chef Christophe Michalak. And if it is Mercy Botino (Miss Guadeloupe 2019), who was elected Miss France in 2020, however the judges preferred other candidates.

In fact, Lou Ruat (Miss Provence 2019), one of the favourites of the competition which is the Miss the most followed on social networks and was also part of the contestants favorite of the jury. Based on the results of voting official results to be unveiled by the bailiff Maître Simonin, jurors had voted in favour of Lou Ruat (Miss Provence 2019), Sophie Diry (Miss Bourgogne 2019) and Free Souahlia (Miss Côte d’azur 2019) ex aequo. They, therefore, wished that one of these three participants who won the crown and sash of Miss France 2020. Mercy Botino (Miss Guadeloupe), who was elected was not even in their top 5. She arrived in the 8th position of their ranking.

It is thanks to the viewers that she has won

But then how Mercy Botino has she been elected, if it was not part of the candidate favorite of the jury ? It is thanks to the votes of viewers that she has won Miss France 2020. In fact, in the first round (where he had to decide between the 15 Miss to keep only 5), the viewers have voted overwhelmingly for Miss Guadeloupe. It should be noted that it is she who arrived first in the general knowledge test with 17.5 out of 20.

As for the last round of votes, it is only the public who decides, Mercy Botino remained in the lead and thus won the election. She has advanced Lou Ruat (1st runner up), Matahari Claire Bousquet (2nd runner up), Sophie Diry (3rd runner up) and Free Souahlia (4th runner up).

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