Merkel goes to Putin

Меркель едет к Путину

On Friday, may 18, German Chancellor Angela Merkel on a short visit (a few hours) will visit Sochi to meet with Vladimir Putin.

“I think it will be a very intensive working visit. There are many topics on which we should try to move forward”, — quotes “German wave”, the official representative of German Chancellor Steffen Seibert.

At the meeting in Sochi we will talk about the situation in the East of Ukraine and the Minsk process. But, according to the publication, hopes to resuscitate the Minsk process in Berlin do not lay more on the mission of “blue helmets” of the UN for Donbass. Chance to find a compromise, according to Berlin, is, if not in the coming weeks.

One of the main themes of the meeting will be the problem of realization of the gas pipeline project “Nord stream 2”. Germany, economically interested in the project, while trying to act as “lawyer Kiev”, taking into account the interests of Ukraine in the gas transit to the EU.

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Steffen Seibert declined to give a specific range of numbers (volumes of Russian gas transit through Ukrainian GTS, — Ed.) but he stressed that Ukraine should be preserved as an important transit country. At the same time, he urged the Ukrainian side to create a “proper infrastructural framework conditions”, able to ensure gas transit in the long term. We are talking about modernization and the legal status of the GTS. The problem of distrust of the Ukrainian side to Gazprom, according to Berlin, could be avoided by the guarantor of transit through Ukraine will be the consortium of European companies under the auspices of the European Commission.

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