Merkel lost: German media are looking for a German Chancellor

Меркель пропала: немецкие СМИ ищут канцлера Германии

Thursday, August 2, the number of German Newspapers asked the question, where is Angela Merkel? The occasion was the paparazzi pictures, made in South Tyrol, on which the Federal Chancellor’s husband Joachim Sauer is resting with his son from his first marriage. There usually Sauer and Merkel traveled together in the summer.

The most popular German newspaper Bild ironically asks: “Where’s the Chancellor? In his summer residence, or near a 90-year-old mother in Uckermark? A family crisis? In the hospital? Secret mission?”

Indeed, the last time Merkel and her husband were seen together on 25 July in Bavaria at the Bayreuth festival, devoted to composer Richard Wagner. Attend the festival, Chancellor has become a good tradition. After that, Merkel and Sauer usually went skiing in South Tyrol. The fact that July and August are the coolest months in the political life of Germany. Office of the Federal Chancellor confirms that in this period the head of government is not scheduled any formal event. The first one will take place on August 20. It will be a Congress of the Christian democratic Union (CDU). Where there is currently Mrs Merkel, the office said.

On the same day, August 2, published the results of a fresh poll conducted jointly by the ARD-Deutschlandtrend. Merkel’s party has slipped back in popularity. If elections to the Bundestag were held next Sunday, August 5, for the CDU and its partner the Bavarian Christian social Union (CSU) — would have voted only 29 percent of voters. Compared with early July and is one percentage point less. Such a low result, the CDU/CSU has not yet demonstrated.

Rating fall is experiencing and the Free democratic party (FDP). Now to vote for the liberals in the election ready only 7 percent of respondents. The social democratic party of Germany (SPD), which consists in a “Grand coalition” with the CDU/CSU retained the rating at 18 percent, but this rate is more than 2 percentage points below its result in the parliamentary elections of 2017.

But the opposition party “Union-90″/green” and “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) has improved its position. The “green” ready to cast their vote, 15% of respondents, which is a record result over the past few years. A rating right populist ADG improved by 1 percentage point. She can count on the support of 17 percent of voters.

The most popular German politician today, according to the survey, is the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas. Him sympathize with 48 percent of respondents. Merkel, losing 2 percentage points (the figure was 46 per cent) shared the 2nd place with the Minister of Finance Olaf Solcom.

As already reported “FACTS”, a similar situation was recently in Belarus, where rumors about stroke, which allegedly moved the President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko.

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