Message from the wife of François Legault: “Insurgez you against the actions of your brothers and sisters deviants”

Message de la femme de François Legault: «Insurgez-vous contre les agissements de vos frères déviants»

Rather subtle in general, Isabelle Brais, who shares his life with the prime minister François Legault for the past 29 years, takes a position concerning the allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment that have been made in the social media.

The mother of two young adults has published on Instagram a message felt in a vocabulary-shock. It calls people to solidarity with the alleged victims. She wants to hear what they have to say.

“Dear men, you who are knights, princes, gentlemen… you who treat women with respect and who really like to… I so want to hear from you you are railing against the actions of your fellow deviants… those who mess with your reputation and that you will embark in their boat of crap…!” does it.

She ends her plea: “I hate what I’m learning these days… I would like so much to hear what you have to say!”

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I want to hear men!

A publication shared by Isabelle Brais (@isabelle_brais) on 13 Jul. 2020 at 2 :38 am PDT

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