Message of hope Marie-Mai assault

Message d’espoir de Marie-Mai aux victimes d’agressions

Marie-Mai has joined Monday its voice to that of sexual assault victims telling about having been assaulted at the age of 17 years, while advocating for the victims to denounce these acts to the police.

“I was the victim of a sexual assault to 17 years”, are the first words of the singer, who then tells in detail the assault, without giving the name of the one who abused her.

At the invitation of the type in question, Marie-Mai was to her liking, she went in to him.

“I was fasting, she says, he offers me a drink. It tasted like weird, but not enough for me to stop drinking. I never knew that in this little glass there was the date rape drug.”

Marie-Mai claims to have lost the card.

“I only have three pictures of this evening in memory. The one where I so badly that I’m losing my knowledge, the one where I wake up in a puddle of blood in his shower [and the] where I find myself alone in the street at 4 in the morning.”

Released from the darkness

She relates having reviewed the individual in question in a bar, a few weeks later, and he claimed that it was her fault if she was bleeding because she was a virgin.

“I wasn’t”, corrects, Marie-Mai, who is said to be freed from the darkness in which the aggression was diving into “accepting” and “the working”.

In his message, Mary-May argues that this event, which occurred shortly before she participated in the first season of Star Académiein 2003, it has been useful in his musical career.

“I would have surely never had the call to create as many messages of hope in my songs if I hadn’t experienced the depths of the darkness before. For that, with the benefit of hindsight, I’m grateful.”

To file a complaint

A few hours later, she posted another message to encourage the victims to complain to the police.

“It is always necessary to report them to the police. If you are a witness or a victim of aggression. Always. That should be our first reflex”, said the one who would have liked to have the same reaction to 17 years of age.

“Instead, I just repressed it. Unmarked. Kept it to myself. You don’t have to go it alone. If you do not be in any doubt about what you experienced, go ahead.”

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